To Jay And RadioToolBox!

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To Jay And RadioToolBox!

Post by mpr » Wed Apr 23, 2008 8:49 am

Hi Jay!
Since you didn't answered by pm i think I should ask the same in here... I'm a little disapointed about the directory list, since I'm a heavy supporter or RadioToolBox for a long time... 5 years now... do not be mistaken about my register date... since I didn't need to register on your website since now...

I'm having a little trouble about my Radio Station on your dirctory listing.
I have a station called Metal Propaganda Radio which is already listed, but some days ago the station was called Leopoldo S. Lopes Radio.

Now the problem is that both names are listed under the same website url... but they just difer on a simple detail. one starts with 'www' and the other don't.

I asked you befor to erase the previous station under the name of Leopoldo S. Lopes just because since when I decided to get listed the Metal Propaganda Radio under the same url evey clicks that my visitors do to your website, they start not to be counted on both of the listed stations. From the past week till now my website got more than 100 clicks to RadioToolBox website and not of which were counted on both listed stations...

So all I ask is, please delete my previous name station which is listed under the name of Leopoldo S. Lopes. And will the problem of referrer be solved after the station is deleted???


Leopoldo Lopes
Metal Propaganda Radio!
Metal Propaganda Radio
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Post by Jay » Sun May 11, 2008 5:03 pm

I believe I already did this. Please double check and let me know if it is still there.
- Jay

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