ConXis to be featured on Online Tonight with David Lawrence

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ConXis to be featured on Online Tonight with David Lawrence

Post by ConXis » Tue Feb 19, 2002 3:47 pm

ConXis Co-Chair Chris Popp will be a guest on "Online Tonight with David Lawrence" in the 11 PM ET hour on Wednesday, Feb 20., discussing the upcoming ConXis (Pronounced Kahn-Ex-Iss) conference as well as the latest round of webcast licensing issues that has just been announced.

You can call in to the show with questions at 1-800-39-ONLINE, and listen at world-wide. "Online Tonight with David Lawrence" is heard Monday - Friday at 10 pm ET/7 pm PT.

There is also a chat room available during the show at

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About ConXis

The purpose of ConXis is to expand the resources available to an independent broadcaster. Resources that will help them be part of this growing Internet streaming industry that The Wall Street Journal has estimated will be a $2.6 billion industry by the end of 2003. We hope to foster a free exchange of ideas so that we can become a strong community of broadcasters and work together to allow Internet streaming (both video and audio) to continue to grow and fulfill its market potential. Especially now, when broadband Internet is becoming a mainstay in homes around the world, we need to act to give broadcasters the very resources they need to succeed. We're Ready. Be Prepared.

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