listen.pls does not contain my server name

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listen.pls does not contain my server name

Post by justinhook »

Hi, I'm fairly new to this. I've got it installed under PHP 4 with Apache2 in XP. Clicking "Download" works fine, however clicking "Listen" won't, because it directs winamp to this:


It's missing the entire server name before /php/. How do I fix this? I dont know much about PHP or servers, so please talk slowly.

Thanks alot!!


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Re: listen.pls does not contain my server name

Post by dismuke »

I had the same problem and after much frustration found a solution. Perhaps it will be useful to someone else who encounters it.

I have been using mp3 Toolbox for years with different web hosts and servers with no problem. I recently got a new linux server and wanted to set MP3 Toolbox on it. Unfortunately, I could not get the .pls files to work - when I opened them up the path started out with

"[Playlist] File1=http:///temp/index.php?........."

"temp" is the directory in which I placed my mp3 Toolbox. And, of course, without a url in front of the path an mp3 player will have no way of connecting to the file.

Here is the solution. Open up the index.php folder in a text editor (and make sure you keep a back up copy of the file unmodified in case you accidentally mess something up). Do a find and replace.

Replace all instances of




Save the changes to the index.php file, of course.

This was a suggestion I found on a google search - and it fixed the problem I was having instantly.

I am not sure why this works - but it did work. My only guess is it has something to do with the version of php I am running. The php version of the machine where the mp3 Toolbox works just fine as written is 5.2.17 The php version on the machine that I had the difficulty and had to make the changes is 5.3.3

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