Creating the Playlist page

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Creating the Playlist page

Post by MusicLvr1 »

i am new to radiotool box. I want my visitors to be able to see a playlist of what's available for my on-demand. I do not want to have to keep streaming and have them hear a song they don't want to. I download the mp3 toolbox and got the php stuff. How do i implement that and get things working? I'm running a personal web server from MSFT IIS. Where do i put that php script? I tried putting it on my index.html page but it came out as errors. Please help

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Post by Jay »

well you just need a webserver and php, then just copy the contents of the zip file to your web documents directory.

You'll need to configure mp3man_config.php

But if I were you I would hold off for a few minutes, because I am about to unleash beta 4 which fixes many issues you might have with beta 3.

if you want to know more about php I highly suggest you read the online docs at

And feel free to post the errors you are getting when you try to go to it in a browser, I'll try to help you troubleshoot it.
- Jay

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