Winamp 3 Incompatibilities

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Winamp 3 Incompatibilities

Post by KZIONradio »

I have MP3 toolbox in a members only section of my website. When members use Winamp 3.xx and click on the *Play All Songs* link only one song at a time will play. The link will not play all songs. Winamp 2.xx works great with no issues at all.

And unrelated to MP3 Toolbox (I think) Winamp 3.xx users have to login every time they want to listen to a different song but 2.xx users only have to login once.

Keep up the great work, this is an awesome program!


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Post by Jay »

probably something foobared in Winamp3, I'll give it a look see, I might add an option to use m3u over pls as a Playlist type in order to avoid problems like this.

The login thing is another Winamp3 problem. They are not caching the login information the same way they did in Winamp2x sort of beyond my control there. The only thing I could do to that end is possibly write the login information into the url and not use HTTP Authorization has an Option in the config. But then you would be exposing their login information in site logs and proxy logs.
- Jay

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