Updates included in 0.9.74

Steamcast is a stand alone server that combines the features of SHOUTcast and Icecast2 and more to make one mega awesome server.
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Updates included in 0.9.74

Post by Jay » Tue Nov 07, 2006 7:23 pm

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0.9.74 beta:
* Load config now parses more correctly, whitespace at the beginning of lines is ignored,
  however the line will not be.  This should make configuration less confusing.
+ SourceRelay can now be set to multiple locations, on failure the server will iterate
  through the list until it finds a working relay.
+ On Demand capability added, read new configuration for more details.
+ On Demand File Index added to view mount page.
+ Added Mime Types file, please use this file to properly configure steamcast
  for file extension to mime type mapping in on demand.
+ Added Auto Extension mapping for mount names without extensions.  First extension
  used from mime.types file for virtual mapping.
* SHOUTcast ice directory protocal handler updated to fix many minor logical problems which
  caused listing session to end prematurely.
+ Added more logging to connection activity for debug purposes.  Try not to be paranoid!
  The internet is full of request attempts that fail for various reasons.
+ Steamcast's default configuration name is now derived from the binary's name passed via
  the command line.  This allowed for greater flexibility with Windows services.
+ WIN32 Services Support, you can install Steamcast as a Service with the -k switch, use
  -k install to install or -k remove to remove. (very beta)
* Fixed Mathmatical Error in Formatted Time displays.  Hours should no longer switch to days.
* Fixed buffer read overflow on Source invalid password errors
* Fixed various client syncronization issues.
+ Can now edit mounts from web interface
* MetaInterval is now handled in a more correct way.  (this one was a big one)  Relays can
  now be any metadata interval and steamcast will work.  (PLEASE TEST THIS WITH MANY RELAYS!!!)
+ MetaInterval config item added which will manipulate the steamcast meta data interval for all
  sources.  This should also fix some issues with the SourceBackup feature.
+ SourceDisconnectWait added to source config, you can now select how long Steamcast will wait
  to try reconnecting to the source when in Relay mode.
+ LogFile config item has been updated to include new variable entry capabilities.  Read the
  LogFile variables section of this document.
* Fixed some core issues with listener data locking and reverse DNS.
+ Added support for the HTTP POST, HEAD and TRACE methods.
+ Added support for wildcards in ban control, use * to mask a block of text and use ? for
  single characters.  Ex: SomeAgent* would block SomeAgent/1.2 and SomeAgent/3.4 etc.
  IP net masks are now wild card based as well.  192.168.* would block everything from this
  class B block.  All pre-0.9.74 subnet bans will need to be updated to include wildcards.
* Fixed issues relating to invalid socket error testing
* Linux: Made linux build statically compile against libcstd++ for wider binary compatibility
* Various stability improvements with regards to the web interface.
+ Windows Installer created.
The biggest thing I need testing is Linux compatibility. The compile process has been redone in an effort to gain more acceptability among systems theat previously failed.

Thanks guys alot for all the testing that has taken place the feedback I have gotten so far has gone into current plans and the new features of steamcast.
- Jay