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Post by NIZ »

Some please help.

I have just moved my steamcast setup to a new server and everynow and again steamcast just STOPS!!! It just stops working and i have to relaunch it with ./steamcast command.

Ive just realised now that it is casuing a SEGMENTATION FAULT which causes it to crash.

Any ideas and can someone please help.

Server runninf a FC4
7 steamcast installations. Only 2 or 3 running at time of crash.
Crashes very regularly
Nothing in the log file

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Post by NIZ »

Lets be honest....

I made a thread requesting help nearly 2 months ago with over 130 views....... and no responses!!

Is there ANY chance this thread will be responded to, even to say " get lost we cant help you!!!!!"

A steamcast advocate and user is in desperate need of help

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Post by Jay »

In all honesty this is not all I do. I know you are frustrated but I can only spread myself so far. I need more to go on to fix this problem. Random crashing doesn't help me to pin-point the problem. Perhaps other FC4 users can expand on this.
- Jay

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Post by Lane »

Just for kicks, if you can, try running it under the root user. I say this because a couple of version ago (or more), I had an issue not unlike that. I found it never happened when running as root, but it with a lesser priviledged user. I never really figured out what the problem was, as an update seemed to rid me of that problem.

I guess I'm suggesting you try stuff. Turn off yellow pages and see if it's stable for example. Maybe you can help pinpoint the problem a little better.

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Post by Mxhub »

I suggest switch from FC4 to centOS .
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