Getting Error [400] (Bad Request) "Request: - -" {

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Getting Error [400] (Bad Request) "Request: - -" {

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I'm getting this error "[400] (Bad Request) "Request: - -" {UA: -}" quite frequently. Does anyone know what causes this error or what it exactly means?


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I'm getting this error "[400] (Bad Request) "Request: - -" {UA: -}" quite frequently
This message falls into a catch-all category, and unfortunately, it doesn't tell you a lot (other than you can't access the page you requested, which you already know).
The "400 Bad Request" message might pop up when a page exists but the requesting party 'url' does not have permission to view it.
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Actually to clarify this message usually comes up when a client establishes a connection to the server but never send a request or the request is not following spec. Most times this type of error occurs when a monitoring service is checking ports or someone is port sniffing. It does not mean that the server is malfunctioning.
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