Bug Report: Segmentation Fault

Steamcast is a stand alone server that combines the features of SHOUTcast and Icecast2 and more to make one mega awesome server.
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Bug Report: Segmentation Fault

Post by altimit »

I'm classifying this as a bug since otherwise my SteamCast works fine.

When the metadata update script is called from a webbrowser, the server returns a blank white page then instant segfaults.

http://mysteamcastserver:8000/admin.cgi ... 20Metadata

Pointing this to your Steamcast server with valid credentials in Firefox (tested in 3.5) will cause the server to segfault.

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Re: Bug Report: Segmentation Fault

Post by Jay »

Is this something that only happens with Firefox? Does a source application cause a seg fault?

Blank return pages are normal as this is what is expected by shoutcast source applications.
- Jay

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