Steamcast sending VPS CPU to 100%

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Steamcast sending VPS CPU to 100%

Post by stationx » Sun Jun 16, 2019 9:30 am

Hi guys,
Been running the Decennium 102 version of steamcast on windows server 2012 for a while now. Works great for ages then every so many weeks it will send the CPU to 100% and the vps sends me alarm emails. The fix has been to just reboot the vps as it boots so fast you hardly notice a glitch. But as you can imagine this is getting a little sad....

I'm not sure what is causing the problem.... But I notice it doesn't happen on "real pc's" with the exact some version of steamcast on them. I run a pc at the studio with a copy of steamcast on it and the public VPS relays from it. I do it this way to combat internet jitters better and so i can listen locally without incurring a download from the outside world. The local version never fails..... The public one every 3/4 weeks this problem happens.

I'm not sure what is triggering the issue. But the public VPS does have 2 steamcast servers installed. The first steamcast is on the standard 8000 port and then the second steamcast listens to the port 8000 server internally as local host.This is how I look after my port 80 listeners. Both can be streamed publicly.... This is my way of utilising the port 80 that comes with my vps ip. It's always the port 80 server that sends the vps CPU to 100% never the port 8000 server....

I've often wondered if it's because port 80 is for surfing the web that there is a lot of " invalid source requests" upsetting the server? Any suggestions greatly appreciated....

thanks heaps

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