possible solution to the player incompatibility (mplayer2)?

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possible solution to the player incompatibility (mplayer2)?

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while playing around with steamcast earlier today, i took the chance to try and tune in with media player 6 (mplayer2). since steamcast now uses a /blah.mp3 url as well as pls, i thought this would fix the issue, but alas, no go. BUT, looking at the steamcast logs, apparently, mplayer2 is trying to gain access to the file using the Mozilla user agent.

now, unless for some reason giving all User Agents access to the blah.mp3 file is a bad thing, maybe unlocking the mp3 file to all UA's could be considered?

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Post by Jay »

the problem with that is it allows for easy downloading of the stream. The potential for agent blocking is 2 fold, to give a user interface and to keep from easily grabbing audio data.

I have tested it with WMP 9 and it has worked, what it did though was initially try to connect as a mozilla agent then defaulted to nsplayer which is it's true user agent.
- Jay

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