Mp3Pro and Other Tech.

Steamcast is a stand alone server that combines the features of SHOUTcast and Icecast2 and more to make one mega awesome server.
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Mp3Pro and Other Tech.

Post by themixturemedia »

Hey there Dj Clash here again I was wondering does steamcast support Mp3Pro and new tech. like that?? It is cool that you let users list on different services just would be nice to see a server program take some leaps with some new tech. out there. Also are you gona get rid of that command interface and go with a gui down the road??
Oh also it would be cool if you wana let people list on other services then why not list on itunes,windows media or is that imposible??

Dj Clash :lol:

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Post by Jay »

Steamcast is capable of streaming anything that shoutcast can stream and more:

Ogg Vorbis

I will of course always been interested in new upcoming formats that I can package support for, however alot of streaming formats do not really require special attention like the above with the exception of ogg.

As far as the interface you are going to see some leaps and bounds on that soon. What we are playing with right now is the core server. Which is where all the fun starts but of course doesn't stop :) I am working on some API to remotely administrate the server from any machine. That will be the gui for steamcast. Right now a large part of the leg work is being put into getting the server stable.

The timeline for the forseeable future is:
- Get server stable (of course this will be a continual effort, but I would like to see it have as few problems as possible)
- Finish on-demand support (this will be a format independent archetecture and will make it clearer why there is a UserMax setting and a SourceUserMax setting :)
- Statistical channels (this will be taking advantage of udp and will run on your servers portbase as udp rather then tcp, this will be where alot of the cool gui stuff will start to take shape)
- Remote GUI panel (at this point I can only develop for windows but I will make the protocal open so that it may be utilized on other platforms)

Once we get to this phase I will probably be at 1.0 and we will be out of beta. So as you can see still lots of work to do but I am getting there. Hopefully with the holiday season I can find some time to knock out a few more versions and include some of this stuff. Be a nice christmas gift right?

As far as listing on windows media and iTunes: I would have no problem doing this but they would, they would need to make their systems more mechanical then they are at this time. Windows Media and iTunes are completely human run. So if you want to list there need you need to lobby for it. No amount of programming at this time will make it possible.
- Jay

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