Steamcast Port Requests

Steamcast is a stand alone server that combines the features of SHOUTcast and Icecast2 and more to make one mega awesome server.
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Steamcast Port Requests

Post by Jay »

If you have a particular system that you would like Steamcast to be ported to, please post here. I may not be able to port to every system and I will only follow through with port requests under these circumstances.

1. Steamcast must not be able to run on the system you request via any other port available. Linux flavors will typically work well with each other. If not then your flavor is broken :P
2. OS popularity. The system you request must be fairly popular. I am the judge and jury on this one, but if I get enough requests for particular system then it might be honored.
3. OS availability. I must be able to run the OS on one of my x86 machines (emulation is ok if it is available). Other archetectures can't be ported to unless you want to donate a box to me. If you do you won't get it back, sorry.
4. Cost. The OS must be fairly close to free, unless you want to donate a copy of it. Again no returns if you want this done.

I am constantly working to improve cross compatibility between existing ports and additional ports for high volume systems is something I am trying to get done as well, time is the biggest factor on this and I certainly don't want to slow development any more then it already is.

Please read the downloads section of steamcast to get an idea of what systems steamcast already works on before posting.
- Jay

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Post by tandilboy »

port the steamcast to different LINUX RPM´s likes Mandrake

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Post by jfalcon »

How about Gentoo?

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Post by SHRIKEE »

how about fedora core 4 amd_64

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Post by keli »

I was going to ask for Gentoo as well, but seeing that it's closed source and all, I really don't see any hope for that. A static build just won't work on all the possible variations of Gentoo systems out there :(

So, back to icecast. 'cause ice is cool 8)

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Post by SylVM »

So, back to icecast. 'cause ice is cool 8)

hahaha Good One :P

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How About

Post by themixturemedia »

How about port to Ubuntu best linux system out there :twisted:
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Post by Lane »

it works on ubuntu 8.04. consider it ported.

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Re: Steamcast Port Requests

Post by TMB »

I would be interested in an opensolaris port.

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Re: Steamcast Port Requests

Post by wrongdoze »

Cygwin would be cool :)

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