Ahh, what power, yum

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Ahh, what power, yum

Post by Jay » Tue Aug 20, 2002 3:19 am


yea that's generated from all of you :) Note the title bar of the app ;) too bad it's private.


beta 2 is under testing right now, as far as I know I got all of the features that you guys requested, plus replaced all of the IE code with socket code, runs a tiny bit faster and may fix many of the lockups you guys might be experiencing :crossesfingers:

My plan is to have beta 2 out by the end of the week, maybe tommorrow or the next day if things go smoothly.

Oh yea and the log service has filled up already :) thanks to those who signed up, just rememeber to not neglect your account or it will be deleted automatically, and well that sucks.
- Jay

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