V2 shoutcast & RTB

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V2 shoutcast & RTB

Post by MusicLover67 »

We had a recent change over to V2 shoutcast and now do not show on Tool Box- I am on windows 7- and have a windows 10 on another computer too- the TB for 10 I cant even get going- But I need the TB on 7 as I use it 99% of the time- I have the 1.1.1 on 7 which ran fine still does just wont show my station - Please advise! If anyone can answer me asap Thanks!

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Re: V2 shoutcast & RTB

Post by Jay »

In order to get the stats to SHOUTcast v2 you will need to upgrade to v2 of Radio Toolbox which can be downloaded on the home page.

Radio Toolbox v2 should run on Windows 7. If it does not let me know.
- Jay

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Re: V2 shoutcast & RTB

Post by johnsterosa »

Did Jay's suggestion fix the issue?
Can you now see stats for Shoutcast V2?
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