Radio Toolbox v2 missing description field

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Radio Toolbox v2 missing description field

Post by pghlinda »

I am using Radio Toolbox v2.1.3 because v1.1.1 would no longer work.
I do like the new version but I did like having the "description" field in v1.1.1

Some of the streams I listen to use the description field to display a show name or a DJ online.

I hope v2 can be updated to include the description field :?:

If I am just "missing something and this can be configured to show the description please let me know ....


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Re: Radio Toolbox v2 missing description field

Post by Jay »

Description field is something that will have to be pulled from an individual server.

So to get the description field you would do


This will pull the description of the first listed server in your Station's server list.

Let me know if that helps or if you need more information.
- Jay

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