Older versions download?

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Older versions download?

Post by fmxradio »

Hi friends, I have a problema with Radio Toolbox in my computer with Windows XP. I cannot login, error: "The underlying connection was closed: An unexpeted error occurred on a send."

Please, can you tell me how can I fix this problem?

An older version can solve this error? Where can I download older versions tan 2.2.2?

Thanks so much!!

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Re: Older versions download?

Post by Jay »

Windows XP is no longer supported by Radio Toolbox. Due to security concerns for Windows XP installations, older versions are not going to work either. We suggest you run Radio Toolbox on Windows 7 or newer.
- Jay

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Re: Older versions download?

Post by BruceGri »

Ok that explains it then lol. My Windows XP machine is getting more useless by the day it seems like. I do understand why this is the way it is though.

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