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DJ On Air

Post by ladym »

First time trying this...but it's gotten out of control with our station...I have a question...
Is there any way for a fired DJ to somehow mess with our stream or the dj on air through toolbox? A certain DJ seems to lose the station, and when I check the logs, I find she has once again changed her IP and tuning in with toolbox...We found out that she registered herself using our station owners info / station name on other wondering if there is any kind of hacking possible?...She would know the persons IP..
Any help will be appreciated

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Re: DJ On Air

Post by Jay »

If the fired dj has admin access to a streaming server they can kick/ban listeners from your server utilizing our tool. If they have your server's password and are unwelcome, make sure to update the password to any and all streaming servers they had access to.
- Jay

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