http to https audio stream plus data

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http to https audio stream plus data

Post by hdprene »

Is there any knowledge within the radio toolbox user group how to realize this?

Tunein via Chrome & Edge stopped working since last February due to the https issue. I know about the services of but that solves the half of it.
I have two shoutcast streams and one playlist data stream which have to get uploaded/imported into my website. Anyone?
Thanks for reading and (possibly) answering.

P.s will look into the cloudflare option; totally forgot about that suggestion by Jay two months ago.

Regards René 8O

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Re: http to https audio stream plus data

Post by VMakerHOST »

Well you need to be enable SSL/HTTPS from your streaming softwear, We test cloudflare but it won't wart (Or maybe we did something wrong)
So final solution will be SSL/HTTPS from your Streaming Softwear

PS: If you find Cloudflare working for you perfectly, please let me know

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