Im stuck with problem, can anyone help?

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Im stuck with problem, can anyone help?

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Dear All,

Im new to audio streaming and I have big problem which I dont know the answer, so il post this here and maybe some can help me.

We are local radio station, and our audio suignal cant reach all part of our county, because due to bad terrain configuration we cant reach by normal radio link.

I would like to try to stream live our radio program from our studio using Simplecast and windows media server. And on another remote location i will play that stream on another computer using Windows media player and then connect that signal to our regular transmitter.

Now problem is that i dont have permanent internet connection, we are using DSL connection and this connection sometimes brake. Problem is that this remote location is about 50 km from our studio so we cant go there anytime that connections brake and restart media player and our internet connection.

My questions:

1. Did someone try to do the same or something similiar?

2. What is best solution to transfer audio to remote locations without interouptions?

Sorry for long question.



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Hi there Vjekoslav,

Welcome to the forums !

Firstly, yes, we have experience of a similar setup and in fact service serveral clients with the exact same system you are proposing.

We've set up the following for other clients -

a) Simplecast or Winamp DSP (aacPlus) streaming to a central broadcast feed server (housed at our datacentre).

b) Broadcast feed Shoutcast server is non public and so will not receive connections from other clients

c) Your transmitter site utilises a PC with Winamp loaded. We'll set up a playlist on Winamp which loops automatically (using repeat).

d) Finally, on the Shoutcast server, a backup file - maybe 5 minutes instrumental - would be enabled - so that should your connection drop, the transmitter will still receive a signal from the server.

Please feel free to contact us off forum should you need further info.

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Many hosts offer this option and a list of reviewed hosts can be found here,

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