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Radio Interactive Chat Room

Post by Sueandrea »

I like to have an interactive chat room where you can hang out with the live DJ and other listeners. A great place to meet like minded people around the world. When there is no live presenter, the Chatroom is still open but not interactive with the radio. I could find two services RumbleTalk and xcat but lack of third party user integration. Maybe someone knows other chat room service?
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Re: Radio Interactive Chat Room

Post by BalticSeaRadio »

Hope its not too late.....

You may use IRC (Internet Relay Chat).
This chat is available in many versions. Its Java-based. So you need to install Java-Runtime ( and your listeners, too)
You may ask *mother Google* for IRC or mIRC.
I used this one for several years: Its free to download and free to use.
Its easy to embed in your website.
Advantages of the Java-Versions: you may ad as much smilies as you want, simply defined in your html-code.

There is a flash-version available right now. So you don't need to install Java.
Have a look here: I embeded this version in my website. Works fine.

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