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Has anyone heard of TheOhioDealer? They contacted me earlier tonight and I had never heard of them before. They're not listed on RadioToolbox, and I came here first to see what others had said about them.

Want to stay away from someone that can't handle the throughput. They say they have dedicated boxes, 100 MBIT lines on OC-48 backbones. But are they over selling?

Thoughts? is the URL.

any input is appreciated. Thanks!
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Post by dotme »

TheOhioDealer = Norman Bell (InternetRadioPros)

Norman's history in the webcasting arena is interesting, to say the least. If the name doesn't click, you know how to reach me for more info.
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Re: TheOhioDealer?

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Oh good Ole Bud (Norman) Bell. We bought out IRP from him in 2006 because of some "great" deals he worked over on us. Although, we were naive at the time and didn't know any better. We dropped the IRP name (Branded ourselves as Stream101) and have been conducting only legit business since. He had The Ohio Dealer and IRP going again for a while, but I see its gone again. Only reason I bring this up is because someone saw this thread and contacted us about it and I wanted to clarify some stuff.
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