Avoiding relays

Steamcast is a stand alone server that combines the features of SHOUTcast and Icecast2 and more to make one mega awesome server.
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Avoiding relays

Post by gvirtual »

Does it exist a way to block any intention of steamcast streams being relayed?

I need to forbid relays. As an idea I was thinking in banning user agents, but would need to capture the user agent of every version of shoutcast, icecast, steamcast, etc., it's a little complicated.

That's because a client uses an intro audio that's mandatory that it's listened by anybody that connects to it; in a relay just it's heard at firts play.
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Re: Avoiding relays

Post by Jay »

Right now the easiest way would be to do a user agent ban. That is the way that SHOUTcast does it.

However I do see your point regarding having to keep up with all the different variations. In a future version we will add wildcard as a feature so you can match all versions with one entry.
- Jay
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