Off Shore Server Use

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Off Shore Server Use

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I've been using Makeavoice for the past few years and there have been no issues that were bad, but recently they have quit communicating and the server that my station resides on became inaccessible via cpanel now the server is completely dead. They still have a web presence and the old login I have still works but that server is empty, MY station is an OTR station that's very popular and has finally gone down because of all of this. In the mean time I've been looking for another server provider the issue is I have about 20gig of shows and it is a daunting task to move that much audio. I found a provider in Europe with excellent pricing not cheap but reasonable that offers 24 gig with Centovacast 3 as well as a few other perks. My question is what are the drawbacks if any of using an off shore server while most of my listeners are in America I do have listeners in other parts of the world so I figured there should be no problems. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.
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Re: Off Shore Server Use

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The biggest issue I can think of is packet latency will be much higher which, if the transatlantic pipelines experience any issues, could be a source for buffering and slow starts for those across the pond.
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