Error 10054

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Error 10054

Post by RadTam »

Hiya Folks,

do you know what could cause this

[04/17/2020@13:56:12] <> Source Disconnected [Error: (10054) Connection reset by peer] (A:

i have 2 SteamCast computers one at my house and one at the radio station(my house is a back up). The system at my house is perfect. No problems at all. The system at the radio station disconnects a lot. It says on google its down to an incomplete tcp request. but wanted to check here first

Cheers Ben
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Re: Error 10054

Post by Jay »

Basically it means the source has terminated the connection and not done so gracefully. If you are seeing lots of disconnects and the same software config is working perfectly elsewhere this could be due to poor network hardware (router, switch, nic card etc) or an unstable ISP (the route is too slow or congested).
- Jay
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