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Forum Rules and Policies.

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First I would like to take this time to thank you for visiting and it's services as well if you have used our applications and tools I would like to extend a thanks for trying them out and hope they have served you well.

The goal of this forum is to provide members a way to communicate in a positive manner about the tools and services offered by and about the industry as a whole. By positive I am not saying that you cannot criticize or offer comments which would make the industry or our services better, but good taste and expressing a true interest in making things better is required.

I love criticism, and I love comments or suggestions that make my services better, I do not like comments that are durogatory or defamatory comments or comments or posts that are written to incite rage in others or to start trouble.

If you feel that you are going to be talking about something that is controversial then tread lightly and ensure that your words will not be seen as an attack on the other persons position.

Now to the rules,
Advertising is not allowed unless it is in the Shameless area of the board. Advertising outside of these areas or in an off-topic manner will subject the offender to no less then the removal of the offending post out right. At worst a complete ban from the forum and all offending posts removed.

As with many other message board communities we do not tolerate attacks or flames on others. Posts that are knowingly defamatory, illegal, abusive, threatening or harassing will be edited to remove said comments and if neccessary removed completely.

Privacy Rights
If you attempt to undermine a person's right to privacy including posting information that was given to you in confidence or post information that may identify a person that does not wish to be identified your forum account at Radio Toolbox may be removed permanently and the offending post removed without nofication.

Off topic Posting
Posts that are off topic from the forum or thread may be moved to more appropriate locations or removed if found to not fit within the spirit of Radio Nonsense or wastful posts will be removed in order to control the amount of resources utilized and to ensure the quality of topics stays at a reliable level.

Posts that are duplicated across diferent or same forums will be removed to leave only one in the most relevant locations.

What to do if I see this activity
If you see this type of activity then private message me the url to the topic or post in question and give a short reason why you believe this post breaks the rules. Do not assume that because you see it, it is allowed, these rules come above all assumptions.

Just remember to be courteous to others and you should definately not have a problem here.
- Jay