Connecting Shoutcast with MP3 toolbox

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Connecting Shoutcast with MP3 toolbox

Post by karick »

Hi All

I am trying to make the shoutcast server as a relay server from MP3 toolbox inside a same box.

After I put the IP and port into the config file of shoutcast. It seems not work. And I check for the error log, it shows the following error:

[source] creating relay socket
[source] relay host returned error (HTTP/1.1 401 Authorization Required) [waiting 30s]
[source] disconnecting from relay host [waiting 30s]

Am I need to have more configuration?

I change


in the config file of shoutcast server.

Thanks for any help.



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Post by Jay »

check the mp3toolbox config and make sure that it's set as public and not a private server.
- Jay

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