barnabas road media

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barnabas road media

Post by womynaloud »

i believe they are fairly new to streamhosting, and i'm wondering if anyone has dealt with them.

they sound good, but when i can't find anyone but them to say how wonderful they are, i'm a little sceptical!

i'm the webmaster for a radio station group, and we've outgrown our bandwidth for hosting our own webcast, so i'm looking for a reliable streamhost that won't cost us an arm and a leg (the general manager frowns on me spending more money than is necessary!).

i've tried to contact a couple of the hosts listed on this site, and they haven't returned my phone call, which doesn't impress me with their concern. the gm sent me a link for barnabas road media, so i thought i'd check to see if anyone has dealt with them.



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Post by Jay »

well like anything you get what you pay for. So the higher you spend (typically) the better the support will be because they can afford those expenses.
- Jay

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