Some questions about starting up a radio station

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Some questions about starting up a radio station

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Hey, me and a friend want to start a internet radio station and we were wondering hwo to set up a site and a station togheter. Like we were wondering if you can just get some webspace and use that to host. cause we can get 200gb space and 2000 gb bandwith a month. Or do we have to get a shoutcast server also? Also with shoutcast, is it actually streaming from somebody's computer to a server or can u upload all the music onto the server and run it that way?

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Post by Jay »

It makes no difference where the website is located so you can host that anywhere. The stream is a different story. You will need a host with a decent amount of bandwidth and 200Gb is not going to cut it.

Check out the list of hosts at for some prices
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