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Icecast2 Source

Post by diogopms »

I need to build a source client to interact with icecast2 server.

I'm trying to connect with

telnet localhost 8000

and appear this:

telnet localhost 8000
Trying ::1...
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.

After this i put this lines:

GET /admin/metadata?pass=diogo&mode=updinfo&mount=/radio&song=Blblabla HTTP/1.0
Authorization: Basic c291cmNlOmRpb2dv
User-Agent: (Mozilla Compatible)

SOURCE /radio ICE/1.0
content-type: application/ogg
Authorization: Basic c291cmNlOgfmRpb2dv
ice-name: RadioBot
ice-genre: Variou
ice-bitrate: 128
ice-private: 0
ice-public: 1
ice-description: Teste
ice-audio-info: ice-samplerate=44100;ice-bitrate=128;ice-channels=2

What i need to do to simulate streaming a mp3 file..
Give me an example in any language...(pseudo code)
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