ustream vs paid streaming hosting

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ustream vs paid streaming hosting

Post by djrven »

Hello guys, I'd like to know what is the main difference between Ustream and any other shoutcast, icecast, even Flash Media Server paid hosted solution. I see a lot of people broadcasting with Ustream or any other service like this, and of course its main appeal is that it's free, but doing a complete comparative, what would be the downside of using ustream instead using a good shoutcast, icecast hosted solution? some of you have done any comparative between this two solutions? thanks for your help! if you've some early experience with ustream or any other related service that would be great!
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Re: ustream vs paid streaming hosting

Post by Jay »

The only disadvantage to using your own hosting is cost. Obviously the issue with UStream is that you are under their system. You have little control on how to distribute since it requires your viewers going to Ustream to tune in. From a hobby standpoint though, UStream is a good option.
- Jay
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