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Makradio Streamer

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Makradio Streamer is the first program for internet-radio, adapted for the remote control via web-browser. ... _global=en

Key features of the program:

- Broadcast in the IceCast and Shoutcast networks in formats mp3, aacPlus, ogg (up to 5 streams of different configurations);
- Supports a mode of smoothly-adjusted transitions (Cross-Fade) between the tracks;
- Duty playlist (in case you do not specify the primary one, and also in case of a failure of the database);
- Play jingles in automatic mode;
- Save the text file of the last 10 played tracks with the ability of broadcasting the names of the tracks on the site;
- Create the detailed reports of the songs which were played and at what time they were played;
- Record of the broadcasting;
- Ability in a "hot" mode to put the following in the playlist any file or a stream (URL);
- Advanced mode of relay with the insertion of advertising by the means of DTMF-labels;
- Advertising-media scheduler, web-based interface to enable access from any PC and PDA connected to the internet);
- Upload the commercials through the browser, making media plans and reports on the outputs of advertising in broadcasting;
- Ability to program in the advertising blocks any file or URL;
- Management of advertising more than one station via the general web interface;
- Ability to adjust the sound level for advertising (advertising louder than music, etc.);
- Playing at the end of each advertising block DTMF-label for transponders, reporting the presence or absence of commercials in a block;
- Advertising planner "Groups". For the order the media plan is created, in which it is possible to add one or more rollers. Videos will be rotated automatically;
- A unique label "URL-STOP". When playing a friendly URL, the DTMF label "URL-STOP" can be sent to a stream, indicating the need to stop the playback of this URL stream. (This applies to live broadcasts);
- Sound Empire 2 database converter;
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