Radio Toolbox Migration and updates

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Radio Toolbox Migration and updates

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Hi All,

I wanted to give a heads up to changes that are currently taking place at Radio Toolbox. Version 2 of the Radio Toolbox application is currently back on track. We are working on some bug fixes and hopefully very soon. We will be releasing another alpha. Those of you anticipating the release of a new more modern Radio Toolbox are welcome to try it out and give us feedback on things you still like to see. I have also recruited a little help with the new application so that priority for the new version can be restored.

Also, over the next week we will be migrating our services to a new provider. We don't anticipate much disruption but while service IP changes propagate some log data may disappear or be lost. This is just an unfortunately consequence of the migration process.

We have some other goodies coming that are long overdue. However this next month looks like it will be a good one for a lot of you who have been patient.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

- Jay
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