ices feed skipping..

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ices feed skipping..

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My wife and I run a small private Shoutcast station specifically for members of a local club and friends. The station is run on a 512mb Linux virtual server. The system has a local playlist of about 250 mp3 tracks. We'd originally started with sc_trans to feed sc_serv, but sc_transv2 kept sucking cpu on the shared vps and getting it rebooted by the admins, so I switched over to ices to feed sc_trans. All in all it works pretty nicely, EXCEPT for one thing that is bugging me no end. We listen to the station at home over the cable modem for hours/day with NO skips/re-buffers, and I can listen via my 3g phone tethered to my laptop with zero skips/re-buffers. We have one member who is on hard times, who lives next door to a McDonald's, and listens via their wifi. He gets constant huge skips, like old-school vinyl having its needle jumped across the track. I've gone to his house with my laptop and seen the same thing. I've ssh'ed into the vps while these skips are happening, and done a "bwmon" on localhost to see if the feed from ices to sc_trans was slowing or something, all looked fine.. I've seen the same skips while listening at a McD's while on vacation, so unless I'm missing something network-wise, I think its gotta be extremely crappy b/w at McD's.. I've noticed it to a MUCH lesser degree at a Starbucks, which of course also has an attwifi backbone. The station is very minimal, 20 user-slots, 128k, all mp3s in playlist are 128k. The most we've ever had on at one time was 10. The vps comes with 1TB of transfer, and on our most listened to month, we only hit 15% of that limit. My question is this: am I missing anything or is my theory of crappy b/w on the recieving end?
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Re: ices feed skipping..

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His connection just isn't good enough...
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