Radio Toolbox v2 Beta 2

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Radio Toolbox v2 Beta 2

Post by Jay »

Hi all,

We are pleased to announce the release of Radio Toolbox v2 Beta 2.

This is a mostly featured locked version.

This new version includes the following new changes:
Auto Updater Added
UI Updates Fixed
Icecast Stats parsing for newest version
Radio Toolbox no longer cancels shutdown calls from OS.
Fixed Templatizer, the following template tags are now available for notifications:


Please make sure to UNINSTALL ANY PRIOR VERSION of Radio Toolbox v2 Alpha before installing this new version.

This version is not yet production ready but is considered to be mostly stable, so feel free to start trying it out as a replacement for v1 if you feel adventurous. Online Log integration is not quite ready so if you heavily rely on the Online log feature then please keep your old rtb v1 setups until legacy integration is complete.

Beta 3 has been released, please see

Enjoy ;)
- Jay