need to write receiver of streaming audio

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need to write receiver of streaming audio

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Hi folks!

I'm a developer, and I need to write an application that receives/subscribes to an internet radio source. Thus, I'm trying to learn everything I can about the underlying technologies.

My first question is - what are the dominant protocols/technologies used for internet radio? I've done some reading on ICY - is that the most common?

Secondly, I'm hoping that there exists a toolkit or package that I could use to write my audio receiver. My language of choice is Java - are there any packages out there for interacting with streaming audio from internet radio sources?

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Re: need to write receiver of streaming audio

Post by Jay »

There are tons of protocols and formats it just depends on what you care or are willing to support.

Something I am using in the next version of Radio Toolbox is BASS. It is pretty much a backend media player giving you all the functionality without any of the work. There does appear to be a Java API for it so check it out here
- Jay
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