Steamcast 0.9.9 beta Released

Steamcast is a stand alone server that combines the features of SHOUTcast and Icecast2 and more to make one mega awesome server.
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Steamcast 0.9.9 beta Released

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This one is a biggie: ;)

* Complete rework of core handles over 10K listeners at 128kbps on a Windows 8 system with 4 cores
* Ogg continuation packets are now properly handled for metadata and first packet.
* Ogg incoming Buffer increased to the largest possible packet size.
* Better threading model for all internal services
* Better ICY protocol detection
* Fixed many race conditions
* Higher performance thread locking
* Better Unique id associated with ever request.
* Fixes to stat counters.
* Performance enhancements in Log
* Tweak panel for HTML5 validation
* Kick all listeners when Steamcast is shutting down.
* Better memory management
* Many small fixes to improve performance and stability
+ "?icy=y" locks mount to ICY protocol
+ "?http=y" locks mount to HTTP protocol
+ All new User Management panel
+ Configure all aspects of the server from within Webpanel
+ Default Mount settings added. Use either Default<OptionName> in config or in the panel tab while logged in as an admin.
+ Multiple source user definitions using the Web Panel
+ Tabbed interface
+ Mount Manager user definition one user can maintain multiple mounts.
+ Ban/Connection filtering based on CIDR as well as IP
+ Add Mounts in Realtime.
+ External Steamcast links added
+ Build date is friendlier to read.
+ Version information added to About page.
+ Metadata pass through to XML sheet on supported formats.
+ Authentication of listeners readded.
+ Notify options allow authentication scripts to be notified of new connections based on Icecast2 notify capabilities.
+ Publication list details tab for each mount
+ Mount specific user management.
+ Backup mount feature added back in. (Still must be of similar encoding or it won't work)
+ HTTP/1.1 Protocol server supports all current HTTP 1.1 features including keep-alive
+ Source from HTTP PUT request (Falls back to ICE/1.0 source)
+ Transfer-Encoding chunked supported for indefinite streaming to a HTTP/1.1 based client.
+ Basic Windows service support
+ Linux Daemon capability with -k flag
+ IPv6 support. (Experiemental)
+ Digest Authentication for all HTTP/1.1 connections (more secure than basic)
+ Listener table sort
+ Basic Session management (requires client accept cookie)
+ Configureless mode. Command window will provide link to follow to login to panel and configure from there.
+ Steamcast will now auto save it's config 5 secs after last change.
- steamcast.ban is no longer needed, use steamcast-users.xml or User Management panel to configure

You can get the latest Steamcast by going to
- Jay