Problems with single quotes in metadata transmission

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Problems with single quotes in metadata transmission

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When track title has single quote character ' (aka apostrophe, hex code 27), then it is transmitted incorrectly: on server web page is not displayed, on StreamTitle in raw stream single quote is replaced by right single quote mark (hex code 92) and adds a empty StreamUrl tag; in VLC player is not recognized and not displayed, in winamp not recognized as current title but displayed.
Icecast2 with the same source is working ok.
When relaying from icecast2, on server web page - displayed, in raw stream not replaced, in VLC recognized and displayed, in winamp still shown but not recognized as "Stream Info -> Current title".
Please help to fix!
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Re: Problems with single quotes in metadata transmission

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I'm looking into this. However, what is likely happening is that we have code that replaces the single quote with another single quote that doesn't interfere with ICY metadata. We have to do this due to ICY metadata reserving to itself the single quote to specify the length of the string for whatever parameter is being defined.

- Max
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