Saving Listener Count to Text file

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Saving Listener Count to Text file

Post by 1033WWRO »

Hi, I have been using Radio Toolbox with RadioDJ since the beginning of this year to record and log my listener count for reporting purposes. My Streaming computer had an automatic update which ended up with me having to reinstall RadioToolbox. Now that I have reinstalled it, I have everything set and working except I cannot get my listener count to update/save to the text file I have specified.

I figured out how to get this process to work on my own earlier this year but it seems I am forgetting some important step now? In the 'Station Event's' panel I am using the 'File Composer' to choose to write to my local .txt file, which I have RadioDJ reading for listener count. This was just working flawless for me an hour ago. For 'Mode' I am using the 'Update' option, but I have tried 'Append' as well. My header section is left blank, Radio Toolbox is telling me I have to enter SOMETHING into "Line" field. What do I need to put there? I cannot leave it blank or I can't save, and any entry is not read by RadioDJ unless it's a number that I specified which is not helpful at all. I am using the same install file as I used previously, nothing has changed on my end.

I *THINK* the only thing I am having trouble with is what to enter in the 'Line' field. If someone can help me out I would greatly appreciate it, I CANNOT believe that I can't remember what I did. Thanks so much to any and all help!
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Re: Saving Listener Count to Text file

Post by Jay »

If you have an application that is trying to read something from a file from your file system and it expects it to be in the same place you will want to use the "Update" option for mode. This will overwrite the file every time there is a change.

For Line, you need to put what should be in the file. It sounds like you just want the listener count for your station. You should put %_STATION_LISTENERS_%

The result after a check will be a file containing a number that represents the listener count of the selected station.
- Jay
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