Site Maintenance week of 09/27/2021

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Site Maintenance week of 09/27/2021

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Hello all,

We will be performing site maintenance over the next few days. During this time the website may become inaccessible and you may have difficulty logging in to Radio Toolbox. I will let you know once, maintenance is complete.

UPDATE: 09/30/2021
We have completed a major migration of the code base for radio toolbox services. API endpoints have been updated with a new IP address which may cause some downtime while DNS propagation occurs. This could impact your use of the Radio Toolbox Application. If you see any issues please open a new topic in the appropriate forum.

Known Issues:
  • Some users are reporting the inability to connect to Radio Toolbox's API. User Report. (Resolved)
  • ☐ IP Lookup showing invalid forwarding address. (Confirmed)
  • Stream Analyzer does not work. (Resolved)
  • Automated email outage from Sept 30 - Oct 13 (Resolved)
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