Odd Symbols

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Odd Symbols

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Hi Guys,

I've seen the reason why this happens some where ages ago. But can't find it again to see if there was a workaround. I guess one could use incorrect gramma when labeling song titles. But this does look pour when there is a whole part of your website showing the last 10 played. It starts to show that the "work experience kid" was left in charge.

Is there any chance we can get the coding fixed for the metadata? So odd symbols don't show up when there is an Apostrophy for example?
Sort of looks like as follows.... I couldn't copy and paste the exact thing -- it appears as a complete square.

What I'm sending as the title = Kylie Minogue - Can’t Get Blue Monday Out Of My Head (2001)

What shows up in Radio Toolbox and everywhere else = Kylie Minogue - Can[]t Get Blue Monday Out Of My Head (2001)

Regards from Steamcast's number 1 fan in the land downunder.

Cheers all
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