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Price Structure: Is based on the Maximum Listeners set in the server.
Staff Review: This reviewee does have a control panel so you can configure your own server with instant changes and restarting capabilities. Interface Language(s): English. Overall the interface is simple and easy to read. Testing was done on a SHOUTcast server with a listener max of 40 broadcasting at 96kbps.
Current Status:
2021 Uptime: 94.800%
Test Bitrate: kbps
Listener Experience: Poor, Streaming at NAN% of stream bitrate.
Test Server Location:
Downtime: Oct 18, 2016 9:10am
Performance History
2008 Uptime: 99.815%
2009 Uptime: 99.708%
2010 Uptime: 99.987%
2011 Uptime: 98.151%
2012 Uptime: 78.309%
2013 Uptime: 96.283%
2014 Uptime: 99.988%
2015 Uptime: 100.000%