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Radio Toolbox Tested and Approved SpacialNet Hosting - We provide high-quality stream hosting with automated instant signups, a control pannel to manage your stream and deliver real-time statistics to SAM2 compatible software.
Since everything is automated you never have to wait for tech support! Its all instant and under your direct control...
SHOUTcast Distributed Network Audio Services AvailableWindow Media Services Available
Price Structure: Is based on the Maximum Listeners set in the server.
Staff Review: This reviewee does have a control panel so you can configure your own server with instant changes and restarting capabilities. Control panel allows adjustment for Password, Relay Source and permissions, Title Format and Auto-Dumps. Interface Language(s): English. Overall the interface is simple and easy to read. Testing was done on a SHOUTcast server with a listener max of 40 at 96kbps.
Current Status: Testing...
2019 Uptime: 99.973%
Test Bitrate: 96 kbps
Listener Experience: Good, Streaming at 104% of stream bitrate.
Test Server Location:
Downtime: Jul 18, 2016 2:50am
Performance History
2003 Uptime: 98.518%
2004 Uptime: 97.942%
2005 Uptime: 99.804%
2006 Uptime: 99.936%
2007 Uptime: 99.893%
2008 Uptime: 99.425%
2009 Uptime: 93.785%
2010 Uptime: 99.960%
2011 Uptime: 69.922%
2012 Uptime: 95.638%
2013 Uptime: 99.925%
2014 Uptime: 99.477%
2015 Uptime: 98.519%