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Starhazer - Angel Of Dreams40 kbps3:070.89 MB Listen
Starhazer - Because You Really (Angry Mix)40 kbps2:320.73 MB Listen
Starhazer - Given Up40 kbps1:490.52 MB Listen
Starhazer - On My Own40 kbps3:441.07 MB Listen
Starhazer - On Your Own (Verve Cover)40 kbps2:520.82 MB Listen
Total: 14:04 4.04 MB Play: Dir All Radio
Download Mp3 ToolBox 1.0 beta 6
Mp3 Toolbox on the Web
Here are just a few sites that I have found using this software and believe they have put it to good use :), if you have a website using mp3 toolbox to distribute legal audio files please contact me about it.

- W4ATC Student Amateur Radio Society - Live Audio Archive Section
- WAIF Radio Cincinnati - Streaming Audio Section
- Google Search
About Mp3 Toolbox
Mp3 ToolBox is the first (as far as I know) fully functionally on-demand live stream emulating jukebox php script ever. It includes many of the same security features found in SHOUTcast's On-Demand Functionality that block downloading of the source files by using the user-agent tag. The demo you see here does not utilize this feature so in order for you to test just use the script and configure it to block "Mozilla", "Opera" and any other popular browser you can think of. Mp3 Toolbox also allows you to setup HTTP Authorization so that only a private group of people have access to your mp3 collection. You may ask yourself why would anyone need this seeing as SHOUTcast already does it. The answer is quite simple. SHOUTcast is not designed to handle On-Demand. It's primary function is to provide a live stream, and act as a repeater for a source stream. Why On-Demand was added is really beyond me because it consumes precious bandwidth that should be devoted towards your live stream. On-Demand functionality is best suited on a webserver hosted on another box. Mp3 ToolBox has other features which SHOUTcast does not, like Mp3 listing capabilities, building a stream similar to live streams from static files. This function also includes SHOUTcast Style Title streaming so that you can actually see what is playing. There is also a suite of tools for how the listing and radio style set should function. You can have it shuffle the list of mp3's it gets from the file system or run them straight off in alphabetical order. Other advantages to this system are its open source nature, feel free to customize the code to suit your needs. We only ask that if you decide to distribute the code in your own scripts or apps that you provide credit. You can also use this script as a learning tool for how SHOUTcast streaming works in general.